Electronics & Gadgets insurable under this policy are in 3 Categories as follows:

Category 1: Electronics and Home Appliances – TVs, ACs, Audio Players, Refrigerators, Washer & Dryers, Generators etc.

Category 2: Portable & Computing Gadgets – Laptops, Printers, Game Consoles, Cameras etc.

Category 3: Mobile Devices – Smartphones, Tablets & Smart Watches Only

Insurance covers applicable on each of above categories include:

a. All-Risks Cover (Accidental damage or loss of gadget as a result of all insurable perils not excluded) – Category 1 & 2

b. Screen Damage Cover (Accidental Crack/Water Damage to Screen Only) – Category 3

Applicable premium under this policy are in bands based on the electronics or gadget cost. They will be available in 20 bands for Category 1 Gadgets and 15 bands each for Category 2 & 3 Gadgets respectively.