What is insured?

This Policy provides cover for Accidental Death, Medical expenses incured and Repatriation Costs of persons whilst on international journey

What is not insured?

  • Accident arising out of Mountaineering/Sports/Competitions
  • Persons traveling contrary to medical advice
  • Persons traveling solely to receive medical treatment/check up; Cosmetic/Plastic surgery
  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Suicide/attempted Suicide, intentional self-injury, insanity, allergy, nervous or mental disorders
  • Veneral disease or expenses incured in respect of A.I.D.S or ARC
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any disorder of the reproductive system
  • Children below 3months of age

Where am I covered?

Schengen Countries/Worldwide

What are my obligations?

  1. To disclose all material facts and complete application form
  2. Payment of premium
  3. Immediate notification of claimable event
  4. Cooperate with claim adjusters

Are there any restrictions on cover?

  • Policy Excess
  • Sum Insured
  • Geographical Limit
  • Other Policy Limits

how do I pay?

  • VISA|MasterCard|Verve

When does the cover start and end?

In line with the Period of cover indicated on the Certificate of insurance


  1. compliance with Schengen countries Visa requirement
  2. rest of mind
  3. restoration of financial loss
  4. Access to emergency medical care in the foreign land.